Nov 11, 2009

glass work and nabe party

on Nov 8th, i went to make a glass vase with my friend. my hometown is famous for pottry(China) and glass. it was an interesting and fun experience. i will go and get the vase next week, so i am looking forward to see how it turned out. and then, in the afternoon, i invited some of my friends to my apartment. one girl friend we ran accross in our hometown couple of weeks ago. 3 of my girl friends came. and one friend is a mother now and she brought two of her daughters. it was a fun night. the little girls were so curious at my apartment and Kp was worried about that he was going to be the only guy. but the two little girls loved Kp. and they were around him all the time. usually girls come to me, so it was surprising thing for Kp, too. he was all busy! hehehe. we had curry nabe. nabe is common food for winter. we boil many different vegetables in a big pot. we put tofu in and some pork or chicken if we like. we just boil them and have them with rice. healthy and makes our body warm, so it is great for winter. after we are done with vegetables, we put more rice in it and boiled for a few minutes with cheese. and we made risotto. it was great. there are many different taste nabe soup here in japan. one of my favorite easy winter food:) we enjoyed chatting and had a great time.

the picture above is also a glass work. but a bit different. it is my aunt-in-law's work. she is an artist. i didn't know until a month ago. can you tell how small they are????

here's another picture. can you tell?

amazing work she does. so cute. they are for doll house. she makes them mostly with glass. she was introduced on TV once, too. it looks so real... i don't know how she does that. i am going to put them in my shop to introduce her work in the near future.