Oct 27, 2009

good to be back

good to be back. great to be back. i was going to write a new blog and attach this pic with it 3 months ago. M-chan was waiting and everyone was waiting for me. thank you thank you thank you so much. for all. who've been thinking about me. i want to think and talk about happy good things on my blog, so please excuse me about not writing anything about the three months. i am feeling much much better and great to be back. tons of books helped me. i read and read and read. everyday. do you like reading?

typhoon came couple of weeks ago. a huge one. trains stopped and some people were injured. i was okay. stayed at home. but i heard the sound of a paper carrier that morning. it was so windy and rainig so hard. paper carriers deliver newspapers every day, i know that but i wasn't aware that they deliver in any weather. 4 in the morning. super early. no matter what happends to the weather. they try to deliver.to all the houses.

oh, i went to see a popular fortune teller with my girl friend on the other day. long line up. waited for hours. kind of crazy. but we both had great time. we chatted for hours on the way there and the way home. we were surprised how well the teller read about us. i don't believe strongly but i felt like going there once in my life to see how it's like to be read by a teller. have you ever done that? is it japanese thing? i wonder.

it's funny that girls talks about blood type or constellation a lot. and when i was in canada studying abroad, my friends told me they don't know what their blood types are... and i was so surprised to hear that. fortunetelling is also a big topic here. every morning, at the end of a news show, they always introduce today's fortunetelling by blood type, the month of birthday or constellation. they are on magazines, too. have you ever surprised to see or hear about anything in other coutries?? what about japan? i am curious.

my mother is having a cold. hoping it's not influenza. it is a big issue over here. workers at the post offices are wearing masks. and alcoholsntiseptic solution is everywhere at shops. wash hands and gargle, that i do whenever i get home. i hope none of you are suffering from flu.