Dec 23, 2009

sweetest christmas present

oh, it's been a while since the last post. i have been feeling sick again. but this time it was different. i had the same kind of sickness when i was stressed out or really nervous. so, i thought it's strange. because i couldn't think of anything that makes me feel like that. my friend adviced me. and i found out.... that i am pregnant. first time in my life. Kp and i have waited for almost a year. my doctor had told me that i am not producing ova probably. so i was worried. so worried for months. thought about sterility. but on Dec 2nd, i went to see my doctor and was told that i am 8 weeks pregnant. Kp and i could see our baby's heartbeat. amazing. he/she was only 15mm. from head to bottom. i was wondered how big his/her heart is... amazing. amazing that we could see. Kp was looking at me with a smile after we got out from the room. and asked me if i have noticed something by looking at the picture we just got from our doctor. i had no idea. Our little one looks like a cute tiny worm or something in the picture. and cannot tell much. hmmm... then, Kp told me. that the time when we were looking at our first baby as our first time was at 9:27 am. which is Kp's birthday, 9 th month(September) 27th. hehehe. Kp knew at the time moment when we were looking at the monitor. this made me happy even more.
i still have morning sickness but i will live. i know our baby is telling me he/she is there. sweet sweet present i have received this year. thank you so much, Mr. Santa Claus. thank you! and Merry Christmas, everyone!! have a wonderful christmas.