Apr 29, 2009

ganbare my sister

i have a little sister. she is an office worker. things had been pretty busy, crazy busy. she needed something to reflesh her body and her mind. i am her older sister. i know her well enough. i took her out for dinner. i know she loves going out. for food, for sure. so i took her to yakitori restaurant. it is called izakaya, japanese style bar. we had this delicious tuna kamameshi. we chatted and chatted. just being us alone feels confortable now. we are grown up. i love having a sister. it is something i cannot imagine not having. it's a great present from my parents. it is the best. yes, the best.

Apr 20, 2009

weekend 02

last weekend was our 1 year anniversary trip.
we were away from our hometown. away from our country.
yes, oversea. our 2nd trip to overseas after we've dated for 7 years.
we've been to Moldivies as our honeymoon. that was our 1st trip. last year, around this time of the year.

our 2nd one was great tanoshii (fun) and oishii (yammy) trip. to one of the Asian country.
to Thailand. i loved Bali so much so i wanted to go somewhere interesting Asian country.
it was their Traditional New Years overthere.
they water budda to pray. and water their parents and someone older to pray for the best.
and younger people were having so much fun holding watergun and backet even to water each other in the town. it was so much fun to experience.

another fun experience was to get on an elephant.
such fun experience. elephants were just one of the animals at the zoo to me.
but they were different. we screamed and laghed a lot.
Kp was super excited about airplane. lucky us that we got on a new airplane. wider sheet and individual monitors to watch new releast movies whenever we want. we didn't sleep at all and watched movies all the time. to enjoy our every moment.

thank you Kp. thank you his company. we were lucky to be able to go.
thank you so much people who we've met in Thailand. we had great time there!

Apr 19, 2009

hot summer/spring came! It's Ice Cream Time

It was so hot today. like a summer. 26.5 degrees centigrade around this area.
i clearned my apartment. nice and tidy now. feels much better.

i am a person who cannot throw things away. feels like everything has memories with them.
knowing i cannot keep everything. i keep all the letters i got from my students.
they are too sweet to throw away.
i keep movie or other tickets. which Kp and I have been to. they remind me of the day.
i just have to find a room for those. i keep journal for two of us. to remind of our fun memories.
normal daily life. to thank what i have. thank you, Kp. my family, friends and all of you...

Apr 11, 2009

chokichoki fabric shop opened

i'm happy and excited!
i put some fabric in my shop.
my favorite fabric. some of my favorites.
so happy that my very first customer came and shopped.
and left a message 'Welcome!'. i was about to cry.
i guess i was worried a little.
i hope i can introduce tons of great fabric!

Apr 8, 2009

one afternoon

it was such a gorgeous day today!
went for a walk with M-chan and mom. just for a quick walk.
to a large park close to my parents' house.
i had a busy day. but you can't stay inside of a house at this time of the year in Japan! the best season to come and visit.
sakura is full bloomed. so beautiful. and these the third picture one is my favorite kind, shidare zakura(weeping cherry). darker pink. so pretty!!

Apr 6, 2009

what i love :: craft stamps

i love craft stamps. they are so much fun!
love stamping on fabric and making my original one.
made stamps with some eracers.
and stamped on coasters for glasses which i sewed(hasn't finished yet!).
i stamped on an apron and a T-shirt which i bought, too.
yes, i made a logo stamp last night, too.
i think i'm addicted to them.

Apr 5, 2009

a little bit about me :: my grown up family

I grew up as an oldest daughter of my parents.
I was the first granddaughter for both of my grandparents.
I've lived with my dad side of grandparents, parents and my sister.
We had our first dog, Lucky. He cheered me up when I was sad.
After Lucky's death, we decided to have a new dog, M-chan. She is adorable, too.
Since I got married and moved out my parents house, I miss her so much.
I don't know how much she cheered me up and made me so happy just being with her. Life becomes totally different and enjoyable. She makes me smile all the time.
I love spending time with her so much.
M-chan loves her dice toy. and I love playing with her.
She doesn't bark usually but when I leave, she barks as she is saying "don't go".
oh no, I miss her already. I saw her yesterday!

weekend 01

april. spring. sakura(cherryblossoms). warm. colorful flowers. cute butterflies.
my favorite season came to Japan.
school year has started from this month and freshmen has strated working at their companies with brand new suits.
it's a great time to start something new. I've decided to open my little shop on Etsy as my friend who I worked for has decided to go back to her country, Canada.
yes, I am sad and a bit nervous but excited about my new year. hoping and believing it gonna be great.

Kp and I went to see sakura today. to one of the best 100 sakura sights in Nagoya. After cereblating Kp's parents' birthday at a Japanese restraurant. So many pretty sakura along a river. We enjoyed our second spring season together after we became a family. Kp is sleeping on a couch now. must be tired from driving and having a long day. Thank you Kp for taking me out to see them today.

Apr 4, 2009

what I love :: ehon (children's books)

I am a collector of ehon(picture/children's book). I love them so much.
This is my favorite book. One of my favorite professors from my university introduced me in his phycology class. I wrote 16 pages of essay about this book. I don't know what happend to my spirit. But I was sure that something special touched my heart. Deep, deep in side of me. explained why I've met Kp(my husband). That was the best thing I got from my book.