Apr 5, 2009

a little bit about me :: my grown up family

I grew up as an oldest daughter of my parents.
I was the first granddaughter for both of my grandparents.
I've lived with my dad side of grandparents, parents and my sister.
We had our first dog, Lucky. He cheered me up when I was sad.
After Lucky's death, we decided to have a new dog, M-chan. She is adorable, too.
Since I got married and moved out my parents house, I miss her so much.
I don't know how much she cheered me up and made me so happy just being with her. Life becomes totally different and enjoyable. She makes me smile all the time.
I love spending time with her so much.
M-chan loves her dice toy. and I love playing with her.
She doesn't bark usually but when I leave, she barks as she is saying "don't go".
oh no, I miss her already. I saw her yesterday!

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