Apr 5, 2009

weekend 01

april. spring. sakura(cherryblossoms). warm. colorful flowers. cute butterflies.
my favorite season came to Japan.
school year has started from this month and freshmen has strated working at their companies with brand new suits.
it's a great time to start something new. I've decided to open my little shop on Etsy as my friend who I worked for has decided to go back to her country, Canada.
yes, I am sad and a bit nervous but excited about my new year. hoping and believing it gonna be great.

Kp and I went to see sakura today. to one of the best 100 sakura sights in Nagoya. After cereblating Kp's parents' birthday at a Japanese restraurant. So many pretty sakura along a river. We enjoyed our second spring season together after we became a family. Kp is sleeping on a couch now. must be tired from driving and having a long day. Thank you Kp for taking me out to see them today.

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