Apr 20, 2009

weekend 02

last weekend was our 1 year anniversary trip.
we were away from our hometown. away from our country.
yes, oversea. our 2nd trip to overseas after we've dated for 7 years.
we've been to Moldivies as our honeymoon. that was our 1st trip. last year, around this time of the year.

our 2nd one was great tanoshii (fun) and oishii (yammy) trip. to one of the Asian country.
to Thailand. i loved Bali so much so i wanted to go somewhere interesting Asian country.
it was their Traditional New Years overthere.
they water budda to pray. and water their parents and someone older to pray for the best.
and younger people were having so much fun holding watergun and backet even to water each other in the town. it was so much fun to experience.

another fun experience was to get on an elephant.
such fun experience. elephants were just one of the animals at the zoo to me.
but they were different. we screamed and laghed a lot.
Kp was super excited about airplane. lucky us that we got on a new airplane. wider sheet and individual monitors to watch new releast movies whenever we want. we didn't sleep at all and watched movies all the time. to enjoy our every moment.

thank you Kp. thank you his company. we were lucky to be able to go.
thank you so much people who we've met in Thailand. we had great time there!

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