Aug 23, 2011

1 year old

my little sunshine turned 1 year old on July 10th.

she is bright. cute little baby.

she brought us happiness.

on that day. the sun has risen in my life.

all the sudden. life has changed.

so happy. so much fun.

donno how much i love this little one.

donno how much i care.

donno how much i miss her being a little baby.

she is not a baby anymore! she is 1. who can walk. who can tell what she wants to do.

my gosh. she has grown up.

so much.

miss her being a tiny little baby.

but i am so excited about how she is going to grow up.

Apr 15, 2011

TIME FLIES --- March 3rd, hina doll festival

we have celebrated girls' day on March 3rd.

hina doll festival, wishing for girls' good health.

all her great grandpas and grandma, great pa and great ma, aunt gathered and had lunch together. special sushi, called chirashi zushi.

oto-chan and oka-chan thought about you so much

to choose one pair of dolls.

they will take care of you. so we wanted to choose one that we both love.

thinking about you tons. every year, we will celebrate with the dolls.

we will see the dolls once a year.

we need to take care of the dolls as you grow up.

she started crowling on April 1st. and she enjoys it so much.

trying to touch and discover everything in our apartment.

she is 9 months old and summer is coming back soon.

so many things happened since july 10th.

it's not so long ago. but not too far that she is going to turn 1.
cannot believe it.

slowly, she got used to living our lives in japan. just three of us. feels so good. and so sweet.

she smiles and talks a lot recently.

she cannot speak but can understand the word, clap, yum yum and bye bye. she understands baby sign of milk. she can drink tea through a straw now. she tried peeka boo hiding behind a door with silent. that was sweet.

she loves her dad. so much. and get so excited when he comes home from work.

hoping she has more time with her oto-chan(dad).

hoping kp has more time with asahi.

hoping she has more time with her great grandpa.

life is short. now never comes back. time flies. so fast.

so i would love to enjoy every minute we have.

we think lots about what we have and how thankful

that is since the huge earthqueak and tsunami.

so many people lost their families, houses, memory photoes... everything.

not much that i can do to help them.

just donating or sending goods that are needed.

but feels that is not enough.

i wish i could go and help people clean up their homes.
i wish i could go and just listen to what they would like to talk about.

i wish i could go and find thier families and pets.

oh, i wish i had a power to stop the aftershock at least...

and i wish the world asahi and all children are going to live is a peaceful one.

Jul 10, 2010

July 10th

july 10th became my special day.
we welcomed our little angel on that day.
it took 13 hours. but finally, we could meet her. yes, it's a baby girl!
3350g. 51cm. she is big for a girl in japan.
i was almost gave up. no, i didn't want to. but i felt that i may not be able to finish delivering... now i see the world differently. brighter. happier. sweeter.
finally found time to write my blog:)
and finally i feel that i have become a real family with Kp.
thank you thank you thank you A-chan, my little akachan (baby).

Apr 21, 2010

spring!! getting ready to become a mom

yes, spring is the sweetest season in japan. these are shidare ume, a kind of plum tree. which i love. i love shidare zakura, a kind of cherry blossoms, too. these two are the most favorite flowers during this season. shidare... you can tell the branches are down towards the land, right? this is shidare.

these flowers are mostly finished around my town. a bit sad but now i see lots of new light green leaves coming out from brunches. and they make the view brighter and fresh. May is coming soon. which means my birthday is coming really soon. wow. a year past so fast!

our baby has been grown up. my body has been changed little by little. and i am enjoying my maternity life. much miracle. i read lots of books about baby. and i love studying about how they get ready to come to our world. now i feel baby moving. weired but wonderful.
it's amazing to see baby's heart beating and listining to the sound of it everytime i go to see my doctor. it was so amazing to see baby moving arms inside of me. the first time i sew my baby was 1.5cm. so tiny. and now my baby is over 1000g. our doctor told us that our baby could be a girl. not sure yet because she is hiding and cannot see well. but 80%. a baby girl.

it's time to think about names. we have kanji, the chinese letters, which each letters have its meaning. so it is going to be tough. we gotta pick sound and also kanji. we will think about the balance with kanji of our first name, too.
how do everyone deside their babies' names???? i ask my baby to give me a hint for what name she would like to be named. i hope we will be able to pick one name. it is our first gift to our baby and we know it is going to be difficult to decide. but it is also fun to imagine our baby and think about her name. oh dear, i still cannot imagine holding my own baby in my arms in July...

this is the recent picture. she is looking at the left. she is big now. just her face is on this pic. to me, she looks like Kp. her nose, her mouth and the atmosphere she creates. when i told Kp about that, he was hiding but i could tell that he was smiling. trying to hide that he is so happy. hehehe. whenever i look at these ultrasound pictures, i cannot stop smiling. i put my favorite one in a photo flame and put it right next to the television in our living room.

on April 12th, we had a special anniversary dinner at our wedding hall. every year they send us a card for the anniversary. next year we may not be able to go. so, we enjoyed lovely night there. we got to see our wedding planner and cook there and they have noticed my big belly. it was a fun night. soon our new family member is coming. and our family will be 3. not just two of us. we are happy to welcome her soon. but now we shall enjoy 'just two of us time' until then.

Dec 23, 2009

sweetest christmas present

oh, it's been a while since the last post. i have been feeling sick again. but this time it was different. i had the same kind of sickness when i was stressed out or really nervous. so, i thought it's strange. because i couldn't think of anything that makes me feel like that. my friend adviced me. and i found out.... that i am pregnant. first time in my life. Kp and i have waited for almost a year. my doctor had told me that i am not producing ova probably. so i was worried. so worried for months. thought about sterility. but on Dec 2nd, i went to see my doctor and was told that i am 8 weeks pregnant. Kp and i could see our baby's heartbeat. amazing. he/she was only 15mm. from head to bottom. i was wondered how big his/her heart is... amazing. amazing that we could see. Kp was looking at me with a smile after we got out from the room. and asked me if i have noticed something by looking at the picture we just got from our doctor. i had no idea. Our little one looks like a cute tiny worm or something in the picture. and cannot tell much. hmmm... then, Kp told me. that the time when we were looking at our first baby as our first time was at 9:27 am. which is Kp's birthday, 9 th month(September) 27th. hehehe. Kp knew at the time moment when we were looking at the monitor. this made me happy even more.
i still have morning sickness but i will live. i know our baby is telling me he/she is there. sweet sweet present i have received this year. thank you so much, Mr. Santa Claus. thank you! and Merry Christmas, everyone!! have a wonderful christmas.