Apr 21, 2010

spring!! getting ready to become a mom

yes, spring is the sweetest season in japan. these are shidare ume, a kind of plum tree. which i love. i love shidare zakura, a kind of cherry blossoms, too. these two are the most favorite flowers during this season. shidare... you can tell the branches are down towards the land, right? this is shidare.

these flowers are mostly finished around my town. a bit sad but now i see lots of new light green leaves coming out from brunches. and they make the view brighter and fresh. May is coming soon. which means my birthday is coming really soon. wow. a year past so fast!

our baby has been grown up. my body has been changed little by little. and i am enjoying my maternity life. much miracle. i read lots of books about baby. and i love studying about how they get ready to come to our world. now i feel baby moving. weired but wonderful.
it's amazing to see baby's heart beating and listining to the sound of it everytime i go to see my doctor. it was so amazing to see baby moving arms inside of me. the first time i sew my baby was 1.5cm. so tiny. and now my baby is over 1000g. our doctor told us that our baby could be a girl. not sure yet because she is hiding and cannot see well. but 80%. a baby girl.

it's time to think about names. we have kanji, the chinese letters, which each letters have its meaning. so it is going to be tough. we gotta pick sound and also kanji. we will think about the balance with kanji of our first name, too.
how do everyone deside their babies' names???? i ask my baby to give me a hint for what name she would like to be named. i hope we will be able to pick one name. it is our first gift to our baby and we know it is going to be difficult to decide. but it is also fun to imagine our baby and think about her name. oh dear, i still cannot imagine holding my own baby in my arms in July...

this is the recent picture. she is looking at the left. she is big now. just her face is on this pic. to me, she looks like Kp. her nose, her mouth and the atmosphere she creates. when i told Kp about that, he was hiding but i could tell that he was smiling. trying to hide that he is so happy. hehehe. whenever i look at these ultrasound pictures, i cannot stop smiling. i put my favorite one in a photo flame and put it right next to the television in our living room.

on April 12th, we had a special anniversary dinner at our wedding hall. every year they send us a card for the anniversary. next year we may not be able to go. so, we enjoyed lovely night there. we got to see our wedding planner and cook there and they have noticed my big belly. it was a fun night. soon our new family member is coming. and our family will be 3. not just two of us. we are happy to welcome her soon. but now we shall enjoy 'just two of us time' until then.


  1. I'm a bit shy so I don't comment much but I've been thinking of you this whole year. Congratulations to the pregnancy, it really is a wonderful thing to carry a baby and I so wish I will get to do so again. Also congratulations to becoming a mother, I am looking in on you often hoping to see some news about your little family.

    When I carried my baby I felt it was a boy, I just knew it, then later on we asked if she could see if it was a boy or a girl and she confirmed what I felt was right, our baby was a boy. We thought a lot about names and we made a list with names that we liked the feeling of and changed that when time passed but we hadn't decided when it was time for the delivery.

    The delivery was very special and it was all dark outside and one big bright star was shining in on us. Then we got moved to a room and the same star kept shining in on us and our newborn little boy. Every time we talked about names the clouds moved so we saw the star. We named him after that star, his name is Lucifer.

    Actually the star isn't really a star, it's the planet Venus, but it is known here as a star on the night sky, the biggest and brightest, the first star you see when the darkness comes back after our bright summers, we call it the morning star and the evening star, we call it the star Lucifer.

  2. such wonderful story. thank you so much for sharing with me! and thank you so much for leaving a comment:)