Jul 10, 2010

July 10th

july 10th became my special day.
we welcomed our little angel on that day.
it took 13 hours. but finally, we could meet her. yes, it's a baby girl!
3350g. 51cm. she is big for a girl in japan.
i was almost gave up. no, i didn't want to. but i felt that i may not be able to finish delivering... now i see the world differently. brighter. happier. sweeter.
finally found time to write my blog:)
and finally i feel that i have become a real family with Kp.
thank you thank you thank you A-chan, my little akachan (baby).


  1. Oh congratulations! That is a precious picture. I am so happy for you, I know the joy you must feel right now. Is A-chan her name? I don't know much about japanese names or your traditions but I think Japan is very interesting.

  2. thank you so much for your message! A-chan is not her real name. her name starts with the letter A, so i wrote A-chan. we use chan for Mr./Ms. for kids. specially for girls.

    oh we took long to decide our daughter's name. we need to decide kanji for the name, too. and all kanji have different meanings. it's fun but it can take forever!

  3. That is sweet, thank you for telling me about it. It sounds really fun and interesting how you pick names, but also complicated so maybe I should be happy we mostly go with how the name sounds and looks and feels when we pick names.

  4. Hello :)

    What a beautiful photo! I can very much relate to your joy and happiness of being a new mother :) I had my little boy in June last year so he's only a few weeks older than your little girl. I still can't quite believe he is 9 months old now! :) What did you end up naming her? I found your blog from visiting your little shop on Etsy, you have such cute fabric :)