Jun 26, 2009

in the evening

in the evening. i went for a walk with M-chan. i went back to my parents house. and went for a walk. it is rainy season here in japan. but today was sunny and hot. it was about 6pm. it is still bright. M-chan loves her red dice toy. she has to take it with her whenever she goes for a walk. she wants to play with it. play catch with me. that is why she went to look for her dice when i called her to come with me for a walk. when she found it, she ran towards me. letting me know she is ready to go for a walk now.

the first picture is my elementary school. its ground is smaller now. because of the new houses area. no long slide which i played with a lot. no swings. no pond. no hill. so sad. but i still i like looking at my school. thinking about the time back then. ages from 6 to 12. i thini it was the best years. made seacret house with my friends. chat with girl friends about who likes who. school brings me such good memories. i wish i could go back then for a little while...

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