Jun 9, 2009

my favorite time : with my best and oba-chan

on Monday, i went to see my best friend. she has a adorable daughter. i went there just for couple hours. to talk. and to chat. i was little tired, i guess. and i always get something from her way of thinking. naturally, my little stress will go out from my body. and chatting and hanging out with her is one of my favorite time.

and on Tuesday, i went to see my grandparents for couple hours. my mom's side of grandparents. they live 40 minutes away from my house. where the pottery is famous for. same city as i used to live and where my parents lives now. but different direction. more inaka (the country side). for my age, we didn't have much sewing classes when we were students.

my oba-chan(grandma) is my teacher of sewing. my new project is to make a dress, not a fancy one, for myself. she sews and knits all the time. and she graduated from a sewing school, so she can create patterns for herself and for anyone. amazing. i wish i could.

chatting with my grandma is one of my favorite time, too. she gives me an interesting ideas for living. and to be healthy and to thank for what we have are usually her main subjects:)

she does volunteer work at a day care senter for people who needs help for living. she've helped there for over 12 years. since she has retired. and she was on a local news paper. she is proud that she could keep doing it for that long and thanks for her guardian angel. cute little grandma.

also, because my grandpa's brother is a Buddhist priest, my grand parents are into Buddhism. not too too much but more than my family is. and really interesting for me. cultualy, i am, too but not so much. it is really interesting that most Japanese are cultualy Buddhist. but we don't have much knowledge about it or don't know much about it, i think.
so, it is always interesting for me. she sometimes transcribe a sutra and goes to her main temple to help clearn. and she goes to a study meeting once a week with my grandpa. she tells me that she writes sutra to calm herself and thank her ancestors. and thank what she has now.

she recommended me to try. she told me i don't have to do it for taking it to the temple to ask them read it for your ancestors because it will cost you everytime. but i can just try it to do it for ourselves. it's like writing Japanese calligraphy. actually, tracing. to relax, calm, breathe deep and concentrate on one thing is good for our mind and body that i hear. maybe i will. anyone can try. and it is interesting. and i will think about my dad's side of oba-chan(grandma) who have passed away when i was little. and thank what i have...

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