Jun 17, 2009

weekend 06

we went out for dinner. for ramen noodles. have you ever tried it? oh, it's one of my favorites. one of Kp's. and one of my dad's and my sister's. popular food over here. the restaurant was japanese style. i liked it. retro posters are on the walls. and japanese style slide doors. and the tables are hori gotatsu. my favorite. we took off our shoes at the entrance and sit down at the table. there are big hole under the table and you put your legs in it. the floor will be your chair. they put zabuton. and we sit on them. relaxing style for japanese. oh, i am onaka suita (hungry)!

and at night, we stopped by at my parents house. everyone was there and my mom asked us to go for a cup of coffee. my mom was so happy and excited to see us stop by like a surprise, i guess. we went to one of my family's favorite cafe. my mom, sister and i chatted as always. Kp enjoyed reading magazines there, too. my mom had a cold greentea. it was great. i wanted to take a good photo to introduce but i couldn't. too bad...
it is the father's day this weekend. Kp and i were talking about it since Sunday. haven't decided what to do yet. but today i heard one of the department store is having an interesting present for father's day. they will print top page of old newspapers. on the date of dad's birthday. whenever is okay that i heard. the real news will be on it. it will be interesting. to have all family members birthdays newspapers and maybe my dad and mom's wedding day. yes, it will be great! it was on news today. i will talk to Kp tonight. soon. he will be home. supper is ready. just waiting for him to ring the door bell. yes, i will say "okaeri".

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