Jun 4, 2009

this afternoon

i bought the magazine and read it through. i've been thinking about getting one for myself. the magazine had a nice one made with lether. i decided to make one for myself with linen fabric. i didn't use the pattern and i changed it a little. i stamped my handmade stamp on it. i finished it really easy way. i know it is not a well done finished one but i like it rough and natural.

then i finished sewing our new futon cover today. heew. i've never sew something as big as futon cover. so i am happy that i am done with it and we can sleep tight:)

then, i had yuzu tea to relax for an hour. i love it so much. citron(yuzu) with honey. not like an english tea. it's different kind of tea. and i love it.

i love drinking with this cup. it's one of my favorite. love how it makes the shape of a heart. i am from a city where is famous for pottery/china. and i have a small collection of cups and plates. i bought them when the city had a once-a-year matsuri (festival). many shops and artists get together on the street and open their shops. it's like a big market. i will go to the matsuri, too. hopefully, it will be sunny and i will be able to take some pictures to introduce to you.


  1. Haruna-san! What is that you made for your key? It is so cute! Also, I LOVE that cup! What does it look like from other views? I just love that it has a hint of a heart shape!!! :)

    Also, what is yuzu tea like? Is it just made from yuzu?

    Great post! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. hello:) thank you so much for your comment.
    the thing i made for my keys are to cover keys so that they won't scratch other things. i have a lether wallet which has a soft lether and it is easy to be scratched. i got it from Kp as my birthday present. i wanted something to cover the keys. you know there are lether key holders...? oh, do you call them keycase? i was thinking about making it. but then i found keycase on the magazine and i thought about making my own. i used a scrap.

    the cup... yes, i couldn't resist buying it. well, i've waited for a while to get one set for myself. there are cups like tea sets. but the one i have is like a mug. i use them more often than the tea sets. it is tall. and i hope i can get soup cup, too, someday. more like a flat plate but if you pour soup, the heart shape will appear. so cute, isn't it?

    yuzu tea is made from yuzu. yes:) yuzu and honey. hot sweet with citrus fruits taste. it is like yuzu marmalade. you can eat it as jam, too. and if you put it in a hot water or cold water, you can make yuzu tea. the first time i drunk was at a cafe couple years ago. and i fell in love with it.

  3. Yuzu tea is so delicious, it is one of my favorites to drink in the fall/winter as a warm drink. And of course, I too, love the cup!

  4. Hi

    Is that floral fabric your futon cover? It's beautiful. Will it be in your shop?

  5. hanamik san,
    yes, Yuzu tea is delicious and great for fall or winter:)

    ghilan san,
    yes, the fabric is futon cover i sew. it's light weight WIDE WIDTH cotton from home decor section. i cannot get it anymore and i was thinking about using it for more. but i think i am finished and i can put it in my shop, too. i have 3meters only i think. so there won't be much but i will try. thank you so much for your comment:)

  6. that cup of yours is so adorable
    it makes drinking delicious tea of out of it even more pleasant.
    - i can't stop looking at it.

    great blog btw.


  7. p.s. i was also wondering if i could post about that cup on my blog?
    please let me know - i will (of course) link you to the the post.

    many thanks!

  8. Hello. thank you so much for your comment:)
    sure. you can use the picture. thank you for asking. i love the cup. always wanted it since i found it first time. they have soup plate(cup), too. great gift for valentine's day i think;)

  9. is there anywhere online where i can order a heart shaped cup?
    i would love to own one or two or even three of those :)

    many thanks!