Jun 20, 2009

weekend 07 :: colors of this season (+ shop news)

it's tsuyu season in japan. lots of rain. more and more. personally i don't like it. but one thing i like about tsuyu. which is ajisai. these flowers. snails are playing hide and seek. lots and lots of small flowers makes one big ajisai flower. pink, purple, blue, white.... it depends on which kind and colors are depending on the land. or i should say sand.

T-chan took me to a temple today. it took an hour and a half. such cute little flowers. took many pictures. there were so many different kinds of them. they are like bouquet. so many bouquet with beacutiful green leaves. relaxing and refleshing.

it didn't rain when we were at the temple. so that is good. it started raining in the evening today. it was raining on wednesday and thursday. it will be raining tomorrow. it's tsuyu. so much rain. i like sunny days. i cannot put futon out to sterilize and make it soft by the sunshine. that is the most stressful thing. we hang our laundry out but we cannot do that often. but i shall find something fun and good to do during this rainy season.

this morning, lovely petit rose is opened. she has two little sisters. they are about to bloom.
when i bought this rose, lighter pink roses were out. so i was surprised to see this dark pink color today. and she made me smile.

oh dear, it is tsuyu. raining again now. and now it is oto-san's ( father's) day. Kp and i went to give presents last night to my father-in-low. it's a great time to give a petit thank you to all of you, too. i would like to give you 10% off of items from my shop, if you write the code : oto-san's day in the message to the box of Etsy. just for you who is reading my blog. i hope you enjoy your father's day. i will have the sale from now until tuesday 8:00 am in japan.


  1. The aijisai are beautiful! It's Fukui's prefecture flower!

  2. Hi:) is ajisai Fukui's prefecture flower?! oh i didn't know that!