Jun 1, 2009

japanese culture :: obentou

everymorning, i make obentou for Kp. this one was this morning's. to take it with him to work. to take healthy food for lunch. and to save our money. if he buys something or eat out, it will cost lots. at least 500 yen for obentou from convenience store. we don't know the vegetables are none agricultural chemical or not. and meat or fish are safe or not. we heard that there were something bad for health found from those ready made food on TV. there are frozen food to put in obento. easy and fast. but they are also not so safe neither. should be okay and i do use them when i need to save time. but try not to use them as much as i can. and i love seeing men eating their wives obentou with suit and tie during lunch break. makes me smile and happy. feel a bit of love there. and hopefully, Kp is eating by now with thinking... yummy!

i found this cute obento box at a zakka shop near my house. such cute one. yes, i love zakka. just window shopping there is fun, too. some cute stuff at zakka shops. different kinds of boxes there and i bought this one for my friend. for her son. and when we buy obentou boxes, we need to buy something else together. do you know what it is??? something to eat with... yes, chopsticks and a case. there are chopsticks to take with obentou. or for little people, there are spoon, fork and chopsticks set, too. so cute. love them.

by the way, bento is more casual way of saying obentou. but in japanese, we put o in front of words and make it polite way or girls' way of saying the word. if you would like to buy and looking for one, i might be able to find one for you...!? i just love cute little obentou boxes. there are boxes for sandwiches, too! you can take it for hiking or picnic, too. oh, it's such beautiful weather today! wanna go out and eat outside... i should make one for my self, too!


  1. あのべんとうはとってもかわいいですよね!
    I would love to buy bentou box for myself & my sister. when we go to school (college) we sometimes forget to pack lunch & have to buy the expensive food at the café there.

    it would be so great if you started selling these in your shop ! approximately how much would each bentou box + shipping cost (to united states)?

  2. clara,

    thank you so much for your comment.
    wow! i am amazed that i get japanese comments here. thank you:)

    i wish i could sell in my shop but i cannot. i asked etsy if it's possible. and they said no. it's not a supply for craft or wrapping or anything. too bad... it'll be great if i could. cuz there are many cute zakka here in japan.

    hmmm, it's all depending on which one you are buying. but approximately, $25 to 30 i think. well, depending on how big the box is and if it's cute charactor one or not. and also it has better quality or not.

    if simple, small and not cute are okay, i might be able to find something cheaper, too. not sure but i could try.

    if you are interested in getting one, you can send me an email about it. chokichokifabric@gmail.com

    and let me know colors, sizes and price you wish to get. oh, i can only deal with paypal. so if you don't have the account there, i'm afraid i cannot be a help. so sorry.

    hopefully i can find something you and your sister like:)

  3. Hello,
    Your bento box reminded my childhood. I used to bring bento box when I was a child. I also have two bento boxes I brough back from Taiwan this past winter. They are just nice and "fancy" to use in the states. I would love to make sushi someday and have a picnic outside in the fun summer time.

  4. hello Chase,

    the picnic with sushi sounds great! i love sushi and it is my favorite:) is it common to have bento boxes in Taiwan? it's interesting. i wonder they look similar or the same...:) there are so many kinds here, so it must be lots in Taiwan, too!?

  5. harun-san,

    thank you for your reply !
    could you share some websites of some shops near you that sell bentou boxes? i would like something a little "grown up" to take to school. :))

    and i'm so sad that you cannot sell them on etsy. i just saw some listed yesterday ! they are under supplies & commercial. well, have you thought of using bigcartel.com? it's free ! just a suggestion. :))

    i will email you soon !

  6. Hello-

    I have post something in my blog- www.paygelyra.blogspot.com if you are interested please check it out. I am not making sushi, maybe next time you can show us how to make simple sushi rolls.

    Have a great weekend,

  7. clara

    i asked zakka shops around my house and they told me that they don't have any websites. they are such cute little shops. hmmm, so sorry. and thank you so much for your suggestion. i might use it for bento boxes:) or some other shops. i will take a look at it more about the site!


    hello. thank you for sharing your blog:) I've seen the aunt fifi's lunch box from one of the zakka shops! hehehe. i've been looking for some boxes to see if i can get any cheaper and cute boxes. there are so many different kinds. a box with cooler is popular these days. it is getting hot over here and we need to keep obento cool or it could go bad easily. i want one with a cooler for Kp and myself, too.