May 1, 2009


it was my birthday. it was one of my favorite birthday. i woke up and worked. when i went outside to leave for my parents house, i saw a little paper bag hanging on the door knob. i saw a card. it was for me. from a girlfriend. such sweet surprise present she gave me. happy tears came down. thank you Tae-chan.

when i went to my parents house to organize a room for a work office, my dad came home early from work and helped me. he is super busy with his work always and i haven't done anything with him for a long time. my grandpa, 87, also helped me. i was a bit worried about his back but he wanted to help. thank you, ojiichan(grandpa)!! M-chan welcomed me and we said happy birthday to both of us. yes, it was her birthday, too. she turned 3.

for dinner, Kp came home early from work and took me to my new favorite Italian restaurant.

my friend recommended there to me and i love the food and the music and the owner and everything. it's such a cute little restaurant and it became my dad's favorite, too.

after we got home. Kp was kind of excited. i didn't see the box. Kp told me to look. cute cake was inside. with a cute little chocolate plate says "Harun, happy birthday". it was a warm, kind of a hot day. i was born on Friday and it was Friday today. same situation as when i was born... it turned a great birthday. thank you, Kp. thank you everyone.

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