May 8, 2009

thinking about mom

mother's day is soon. i went to look for a gift for my mom. i know what she loves.

this is preserved flower that i decolated before. i went to a class once with my mom and i learned and did it by myself. it's one of my hobby now. it is popular to give these flowers as a gift in Japan these days. to give carnations is still the most common gift for mother's day. i thought about decolating preserved flowers for her. but i know she likes to get different things rather than flowers. something usuful. something she looks good. she is a young mom for my age. maybe that is why!? hehehe.

so, i found her a nice skirf. thinking about which clothes will look good with the skirf. thinking about her smiling face. sometimes it is difficult to say 'thank you'. i guess because i am japanese. we are more shy, especialy guys that i think. when i was in Canada, i sew my friends expressing their love towards mom, friends and other people. the way we express is different. well, there must be some people who can express their love directly to others. but for lots of people in japan is not the same. so i was a little culture shocked in a good way.

i still have to find something for Kp's mom. it is still difficult for me... i gave her her a charm of her birthday stone. with her gurdian stone. i need Kp's help but he doesn't know much about what she loves neither. hmmm... wish me luck;) hopefully i will find something nice for her, too.
so this weekend, i will try my best to express how thankful i am. and we are. for lots of love she gave me. and lots of chances. lots of 'thank you' for understanding about what i chose to do.


  1. Did you find something nice?

  2. Yes. Kp decided and wanted to give her flowers this year. his mom loves cute little flowers. so we decided to get some. with flowerpots. we wrote messages on a card and left at the entrance of her house. parents were out and we were planning on giving it as a little surprise. so it was great timing!
    it was noon we left the pots. then we didn't received any email or phonecall about the flowers and we were wondering if she realized it or not. and finally, around 23pm, she called my cell phone and told me that she realized just now and it was a great surprise. we laughted. she said it's good that she realized before midnight. and she loves the flowers, so we were happy about that:)