May 21, 2009

last night :: time flies

time flies. so fast. feels like too fast sometimes. and wondered if we are flying as fast as it is.

we were thinking about our past and future last night. i received my be lated birthday present. and we were thinking about our age. in two years from now, it will be 10 years since the fast time we met at our university. doesn't seem that long. but we have been together for 8 years and couple months now. time flies so so fast.

seemed like our wedding was couple months ago and just an big event for us. but any other moment we'd spent was not touching so deep as this moment. i gave Kp surprise presents. and he cried even more. i've never seen him crying before. just on the day we got married was the only day he let me see his tears. happy tears.
i said good-bye to my last name. and became his. we slowly started our new life. just two of us. as a family. but when we looked up, there were many people sitting there looking at us. just for us. so thankful. and happy. we will remember the day and will never forget. and will keep walking slowly and slowly. arigato to all of them who we have met... and excited to meet someone new like you! just cannot believe it's been over a year now. oh, time flies!


  1. Otanjoubi omedetou! Sorry it's late. Wow a traditional Japanese wedding! Was it a big celebration? Did you give lots of mochi? You look beautiful!

    I lived in Ono-shi, Fukui Ken for a year. It's quite a inaka but I loved it!

  2. arigato!! i wore ohiki(kimono) and Kp wore hakama. we had our celemony at a chapel, so we wore wedding dress and taxido, too. but we changed into kimono. it's common in japan. sometimes couples don't wear kimono, just a white wedding dress and a colored dress.

    there were about 60 people at our wedding. and no, we didn't give any mochi... is it fukui-ken's custom? i wonder:) but we threw snacks from balcony. it's our prefecture's tradition to give snack to neighbors. people used to throw bags of japanese snacks from their balcony of their houses before the bride leave from her house. it's a thank you gift, i guess. so we decided to do that at the wedding hall. it's common event around here and it was so much fun:)

    fukui is inaka but i love inaka. so much! i was born in seto-shi, Aichi prefecture. and it's kind of inaka, too. i love nature so much. i don't think i can live in a busy city. i would feel i cannot breath enough. hehehe