May 11, 2009

weekend 03

it was a surprising morning we spent. i opened our small window to get fresh air. then i sew a black flying object coming towards me! and i bended my knees to hide and protect myself. it was a swallow! came to visit our apartment. she is the one in the picture:) Kp tried to let the swallow go outside. i was there laying on the floor hoping she will be okay and get out from our apartment without getting hurt from hitting herself to the window or walls. saying "we won't hurt you. this way, please come this way. " i was not brave enough... sorry, Kp. but thank you. the cute visitor left after couple of minutes. we were pleased that she found a way out. phew...
we knew later that she was looking for a place to make her house for her babies. we found a mark on the wall of our apartment. there is a saying here that if swallows make their houses and raise children of your house, it means the house is a happy good one. i hope she will find a great spot though:)

after the visiter Kp and i went on a one day trip to Lake Motosu. to see lovely Mt. Fuji and shibazakura with my parents. it took 3 hours driving to get there. Kp and i took turns to drive. it was the longest drive for M-chan. i was so glad that she loves driving. so my parents can take her with them. she makes the trip much memorable one.

oh, the view of Mt. Fuji was great. no cloud. nice spring weather. my parents were so happy about that. and i was so happy about that, too. filial piety. yes, i try to do that as much as we can. time flies. so fast. so i want to enjoy the time.

and on sunday, Kp and i found a lovely flower to give Kp's mom.
we left the flower plant without letting her know. just left the plant and a small thank you card.
it was around lunch time. they were not home. and we went back to our apartment. relaxing. but no email nor phone call from her. during we were watching a movie. i got a phone call from her. it was almost 23:00pm. saying thank you. and sorry for not realized sooner. hehehe. so i guess she didn't see it when she got home. but i guess our little surprise went perfect!

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