May 17, 2009

weekend 04

this weekend, we had lots to do. Kp was tired from last week. working straight for 5 days. which is not normal for him. he get's week days off sometimes and his holidays are irregular. but this month, his holidays are on weekends. as to say thank you for working hard, i bought sashimi(raw fish) for dinner. we drink miso soup for dinner or breakfast. at my parents' house, we had miso soup and rice everyday, traditional japanese style. Kp had toast for breakfast, western style. after we got married, because it is healthier to eat rice and miso soup, we decided to have them as our family style. we both love sushi and sashimi(raw fish). they were delicious. we had maguro(tuna) and buri(yellowtail). so oishii(yummy)!

then our new bed arrived to our apartment. and Kp put them together. i helped. but mostly, it was his job.

we were sleeping on futon on the floor. it is a japanese style. you might wonder why we can sleep on such none soft soft soft place like beds. i don't know how to explain. it is just because we are japanese.

about a month ago, we found this tatami bed. so we can put futon on and sleep at night. and during the day, we can fold futon and we can use the bed as a tatami floored space. with the tatami bed, there are two drawers under it. which is great. we get two extra space to put away our stuff. oh, the wood smells so good and so does tatami. we were so excited. we organized so many other things, too. and Kp had a new idea for my work space. he draw pictures and made a stand for our computer. it was first time he made me something. and i was so happy. and it looks great. and it feels so good to sleep on. we enjoyed our first tatami bed last night.


  1. Harun konnichiwa! I am enjoying your blog and the bits and pieces of your life that you are sharing. I miss the smell of tatami floor. And I love sashimi too. Dai tski!!

  2. cookie cutter san konnichiwa. Thank you so much for your comment:) have you ever been to japan before? or did you see tatami floor where you live? i do love the smell of tatami floor, too. and sashimi, my favorite!!