May 6, 2009

what i love :: tapes

i am in love with two different kinds of tapes these days...
one is sewing tape. yes, i love them. i couldn't resist buying them. dangerous. i know.
there are so many cute zakka over here in Japan. these are shinzi katoh linen sewing tapes. shinzi katoh is very popular and i love his zakka so much. they are everywhere. cute items gives me smile. just adorable. i will keep some for myself and will use them for something. some little present for my friends' children. such cute tapes he designes!

and this is my new favorite items added to my list recently. they are called masking tape. used for painting and known for that to many people. the color was just yellow before. because it was only for painting. but there are so many different colors and designes these days. and people use them for collage, scrapbooking, wrapping, decorating, and more... they stick over and over. on walls, on papers, on lots of things. i taped my things to do memo and my favorite photo on the wall on the other day. they are made from washi paper. and i am a bit proud that they are japanese. they are quite popular and i see them every zakka shops, too. dangerous! so dangerous.

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