May 5, 2009

japanese culture :: kodomo no hi

good morning! today is kodomo no hi (children's day). it is also boys' day. to cereblate their happiness. my parents didn't have any boys, so we don't have anything to decorate. the 2nd picture is a decolation called hina dolls for girls day, March 3rd. this is just a top part of the decolation. there are 7 stairs more and there are more dolls and some other decorations. it is my mom's and she gave them to my sister and me. it's a quite old one. and we love that. my grandma has her memories about her children, and my mom has her memories of us and herself looking at it when she was little. i love children so much. i taught them English at an English school and elementary school. i went to New Zealand to learn their education at a day care center. oh, dear. i love children. i hope someday, our turn will come. fingers are crossed.

for those who came from my little shop, chokichoki, i will give you 10% off discount of fabric(before shipping) until midnight tonight. japanese time. if you could write the code 'kodomo no hi' and something about children in the message to the seller box. maybe the cutest episode/memory of your children? or when you were little? or what was your dream when you were little? i hope i can hear some cute episodes from you! happy shopping:)

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