May 24, 2009

what i love :: cafe

a cup of tea makes a day special sometimes. going to cafes is one of my favorite time. cafes are so popular these days. more and more cafes opening here in Japan. japanese style cafe, modern style cafe, dog cafe or cat cafe where you can take your pets to cafes and let them meet others, inaka (the country side) cafe where you cannot find it easy but it has a great view and so quiet and relaxing place for people who lives in the city, organic food cafe, and more.... sometimes you can find some great treasure at cafes, too. some cafes sell zakka, their handmade cookies, zakka, and more. it is like a tresure hunt for your seacret hiding place.

and this is my favorite inaka cafe so far. love their cakes so much! often sold out quickly. their lunch is great, too. i love japanese cakes. they are not so sweet. not much sugar. looks great. and taste delicious! my mom found this inaka cafe from her friend. and my sister also found this from a popular magazine for cafes. i love the atomosphere there. the workers. and a mini market of handmade wooden zakka and some plants. the view is nice, too. it's a great place to relax and refresh. so many people live on a small land, that makes the city side so busy and stressful sometimes. i love inaka. just love it. if you have any chance to come to japan, kyoto is traditional and wonderful. and tokyo is fun and modern. but where ever you go, i recommend and hope you will have time to go to have a cup of coffee at cafe, too.

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